We’re dedicated to saving you chairside time and money in your dental practice.

Mission Statement

We hire only technicians that have at least 7 years of experience and they must either be licensed or have a degree in dental technology. We believe that it’s very important for us to have a team of proficient and experienced technicians in order for us to provide quality work. And to make sure we do that, we have a list of key factors that we pay particularly close attention to.


Mark Choi

Mark Choi has 14 years of experience. He is a Certified Dental Technician, a member of Dawson Academy, and an exceptional technical consultant where he’ll be able to easily guide you through the intricacies to solve complicated cases.

Ryan Hwang

Ryan Hwang holds a degree in dental technology, has 8 years of experience as the in-house dental lab manager at a leading prosthodontist office. He has a total experience of 20 years.

Their technical and communication skills were forged through many years of fabricating a variety of complex cases with many dentist and direct feedback from patients.

Our Key Factors

The first factor is where it all starts which is in the model work room.


Everything in our model work room is measured and monitored. We have approximate liquid to powder ratios to predict set times and expansion resulting in predictive physical properties which significantly improve accuracy. In addition, we control the temperature and the moisture of the room in order to preserve the quality of all of our products which results in much better accuracy.


The second factor is extremely important. We put a tremendous amount of focus on occlusion including phonetics, long-centric, protrusion, canine-guidance, premature contact, envelope of function and lateral movements which improves our precision when it comes to creating the restorations. We have learned these skills through experience, working with many specialists and at Dawson seminars and spears study clubs.


This takes us to the third factor which is longevity. We strive to make our products long-lasting for up to 20 years and above, and provide a 5-year warranty if any problems were to arise. We only use high quality materials, and when it comes to particular diagnosis, we select the materials accordingly and have techniques to prevent things like fracturing, checking lateral movements and especially taking consideration of critical things like premature contact which could create problems to the TMJ and much greater problems down the line.


The fourth factor is periodontics which also greatly impacts longevity; we take gum health into serious consideration and design our crowns to prevent food impaction, gingivitis and plaque buildup, and manage that by keeping the proximal contacts broad, factoring in the interdental papilla, creating thin margins and glazing very effectively.


The fifth factor is our standard in creating outstanding aesthetics, and to do that we take very important things into account like the smile design, golden proportion, the incisal edges, and the selection of shades.


The sixth factor is our main objective is to minimize your expenses and to significantly reduce your chairside time so that it gives you the opportunity to see more clients and in turn pull in more revenue. You’ll be saving money not only by how we price our restorations, but also by the quality of products and design you’ll be receiving from us. This will increase your earnings on a short and long-term basis.


Lastly, we’re really big on communication and our forms of communication with our current doctors are through diagrams, apps like Sketch, Keynote, photos, text, and of course emails & phone calls. We dedicate a few hours a day analyzing cases and communicating to doctors to solve any issues that arise.


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