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360imaging “All in One” Stackable Surgical Guides

The Anatomical Guide™ is 75% smaller than any competitive Bone reduction guide. Much easier access and can even have maxillary and mandibular guides in at the same time.

The Anatomical Guide™ is the strongest on the market it has 30% more support and now is screwed to the bone without the cantilever. The cantilever of the undercuts it why some use metal.

Accuracy in guided surgery decreases as distance increases. With The Anatomical Guide™ you are literally placing the guide against the bottom bone and on top of the implant site.

Flap Size:
The flap size for The Anatomical Guide™ placement is super fast and 60% smaller than traditional guides AND decreases pain and swelling for the patient.

To learn more about The Anatomical Guide™ and 360Imaging Click Here.

Implant Studio Treatment Planning

Implant Studio creates a simplified and predictable top-down digital workflow for implant procedures. It enables the digital planning of single to complex implant procedures by considering the esthetics and intended final restoration as well as the overall clinical situation. Infinia Dental Lab can also use Implant Studio to cost-effectively create, print and mill their own surgical drill guides. By using this Service, the Specialist and General Dentist can benefit from the lab designing the esthetics directly with their experience and skills.


Mobile CBCT Imaging

Infinia Dental Lab works with Facial Imaging Mobile. Facial Imaging Mobile is the ultimate solution for both general dental practitioners and specialists seeking high definition, on-site mobile Cone Beam CT imaging for diagnosis, treatment planning, case presentation, and patient acceptance. Mobile means no need to make a special CT scan appointment for your patients, we can perform the Cone Beam CT scan during an already scheduled visit! Our mission is to allow you to be more efficient with your time, while achieving a better treatment outcome, greater prestige, and a higher level of patient satisfaction. For more information please call 1-571-201-4043 or visit their website.


Crowns, Implants, Dentures from Intral Oral Scans

This is a great solution for patients who sometimes don’t want to be at the office because they may have dental phobias and who sometimes gags. Taking traditional impressions can be stressful for both the patient and staff. If all went well, only one impression was necessary; however, a whole range of errors could occur, whether in the practice or at the lab, requiring us to do it all over again. Infinia Has Extensive experience fabricating Crown & implants from Intra-Oral Scan files. - Click Here for Validated Research and & Education On Digital Dentistry


Modeless Crowns

Infinia can fabricate crowns without printing 3D models. Doctors don’t have to pay extra for 3D printed models, modeless crowns are discounted, and Doctors benefit from faster turnaround time. However, there are limitations to Modeless crowns. We can also fabricate Modeless Implant Cemented Crowns and Screw-Retained Implant Crowns.

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