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The symbiotic relationship between dentists and dental laboratories has evolved into a seamless integration of technology, transforming workflows and elevating efficiency to unprecedented levels. Amid this wave of progress, one standout technology emerges as a beacon of change – introducing Smiles Architect Design.

As practitioners and technicians harness the power of cutting-edge solutions to redefine the dental experience, Invisalign Smile Architect Design takes center stage in this revolution. This technology is not merely a tool but a paradigm shift that encapsulates the essence of efficiency, accuracy, and visionary design. 
This blog will explore the role of Invisalign Smile Architect and its profound impact on the field of dentistry and orthodontics. In a recent interview with Dr. Corey Anolik from TotallySmiles Dental Group, we will delve into the transformative influence of this software on his professional workflow.

What is Smile Architect Treatment?

Invisalign Smile Architect design is a proprietary ortho-restorative treatment planning software seamlessly integrated into the Invisalign ClinCheck® 3D orthodontic planning platform. This innovative workflow empowers doctors to strategically plan orthodontic tooth positioning while aligning with the aesthetic smile design objectives for subsequent restorative treatments.

Revolutionizing digital treatment planning, Invisalign Smile Architect offers dentists and specialists unparalleled flexibility, ensuring consistency in treatment preferences and providing real-time visualization of treatment plans. The software aims to elevate the quality, predictability, and efficiency of customized Invisalign® treatment plans, potentially contributing to improved doctor-patient engagement and superior treatment outcomes.

In a recent interview with fellow dentist and partner, Dr. Corey Anolik, had the following to say about how Smile Architect has changed his workflow.

“With Smile Architect I’m able to see the patient at the beginning, design the end result, and using the aligned digital platform I can share via my iTero with my lab and say here’s what my goal is, here is what I’m thinking orthodontically, here is what I’m thinking about positions for these teeth and then we can go back and forth to get more ideal and more realistic outcomes for our patient with fewer issues of remake and fewer issues of failure because the case was set up from the beginning to succeed.”

The need for technology like Smile Architect

Certainly, a pivotal consideration arises: Is software like Invisalign Smile Architect a worthwhile investment? Assessing its value in terms of workflow and efficiency suggests a compelling argument, particularly in restoration cases where such technology can significantly impact outcomes. 

Dr. Anolik went on to say, 

“I think the shortcoming is you can design something and I can show it to the patient, but it’s not based on anything functionally, it’s not based on anything concrete. When we do it based on an initial scan based on orthodontic movements, then we know where those cases are going to end. So we know that the restorations that you’re designing that I’m proposing to my patient are going to be closer to reality.” 

Throughout the conversation, the subject of dentist opposition to Invisalign Smile Architect was discussed, posing the question of the possible limitations or challenges of this software. To which Dr. Anolik explained, 

“I think the biggest challenge and limitation is understanding the software. It’s like anything else, the power is in there. You just have to unlock it and utilize it…having a lab like Infinia that really is technology forward, that’s embraced these technologies, that is willing to work with these new technologies. Because I lean on my lab all the time for cases, it’s a teamwork, dentistry is a team sport. So using this software, using the tools in this software, and using resources that can also tap into those tools really becomes invaluable for me, for my practice, and for my patients.”

As far as benefits discussed, Dr. Anolik went on to say, 

“…the biggest advantage that this software has is that everything is on one platform…I’m able to show my patient their end result so orthodontics done, restorative done, with a photorealistic image based on algorithm…I don’t have to do a mock-up in their mouth I am able to show these photos and get them on board with treatment.”  

Naturally, this is a monumental benefit when it comes to efficiency in dentistry. In previous articles, we have discussed the many worries patients experience when undergoing an appointment/cosmetic surgery. Having the means to provide patients with an insight as to their end result provides a much-needed comfort that patients desire. Not to mention the change in workflow this technology has for dentists like Dr. Anolik. 

Biggest takeaways of Smile Architect Design

Like any medical profession, efficiency and accuracy are two of the most important factors. Dentists have continuously evolved and now we are in an age where technology has streamlined the workflow, making the process much simpler than before. 

Research from the National Library of Medicine states, “Advances in digital technology have already introduced computer-assisted designing and milling in everyday use in dentistry. While a few years ago the concept of same-day digital dentistry was treated as a novel concept, this improvement is now increasingly viewed as a standard inpatient convenience of modern dental practice.”

Dr. Anolik’s takeaway from Smile Architect describes,  

“It’s saving time…for some of these bigger cases…these cases where it’s six or eight or ten units or a full mouth. It’s making the case more predictable for the patient. The patient has to go through less to get the end result because those are difficult cases for doctors…labs…and those are difficult cases for our patients. We are making that process smoother for our patients…”

Infinia Dental Lab; Harmony Between Beauty and Function

To conclude the interview, Dr. Anolik had the following to say about the use of these new technologies and the importance of working with a dental lab you can trust,

“For dentists out there, understanding the tools you have at your disposal..and having a lab that you can lean on…it makes a world of difference…I view us as a team, and we are able to deliver an end result that the patient is happy with…When you have a team that works together that understand this digital ecosystem and want to work in this digital ecosystem… I think that’s the future of dentistry.” 

As for dentists who may still be on the fence when it comes to the use of digital technology and the prospect of continued education, the following was also said by Dr. Anolik. 

“We can never stop learning, you’re never too old to learn…time changes, everything is improving and we are using technology now more than ever to guide those improvements…For me to deliver the best result to my patients, digital technology is a big piece of that.”

Infinia Dental is committed to both the ongoing utilization and adaptation to the latest applications that prioritize the well-being of both patients and dental practitioners. Contact us with any inquiries, we are dedicated to providing exceptional restorations and optimizing the patient experience for dentist labs.