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Dental implant

Dental implant technology has experienced noteworthy advancements in recent years, revolutionizing the field of implant dentistry. Cutting-edge digital technologies continue to change the dental implant platform, offering advancements for practitioners and patients.

Photogrammetry continues to change the landscape of dental implants by increasing accuracy, streamlining workflow, and improving patient comfort. This technology utilizes optical scanning techniques to digitally capture comprehensive measurements of implant positions by using marker posts and a camera system. 

Nationally recognized for utilizing implant technology like photogrammetry, Infinia Dental Lab offers chair-side guidance, partnering with doctors to scan patients and create comprehensive implant treatment plans, fabricating stackable guides while providing training through the entire implant process. Using high-tech, fully digital technology decreases the time patients spend preparing for implants and increases implant placement accuracy.

Understanding the Grammee Photogrammetry Scanner

As innovation drives advancements in dental implant scanning, it enhances patient care and streamlines dental procedures. One innovation that is making waves in the field of dental implant systems is the Grammee Photogrammetry Scanner by Blue Sky Bio. This cutting-edge scanner promises to revolutionize how dental professionals approach implant dentistry, offering unmatched precision, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.

Offering the most accurate alignment fit for all dental implants, the Grammee scanner by technological leader Blue Sky Bio leaves no detail left behind.

Key Features and Benefits

Dental implant

1.    Unrivaled Accuracy

The Grammee Photogrammetry Scanner delivers exceptional accuracy, capturing detailed impressions with sub-micron precision. With a level of precision that ensures optimal fit and alignment for dental implants, it also minimizes the need for adjustments and enhances overall treatment outcomes.

This cutting-edge technology achieves such high accuracy by using small posts and a narrow camera separation along with the Iterative Noise Reduction System.

2.    Cost Effective

Blue Sky Bio has prioritized affordability with the new Grammee dental implant scanner, offering highly competitive pricing. As a complete package, this photogrammetry includes free software, an open platform, an LCD display, and affordable hardware.

View the extensive Exocad free downloadable library here.

3.    Streamlined Workflow

This digital workflow offers mess-free, convenient scanning with wireless use and a built-in display including a screen directly on the scanner. With no rubber necking connected to a laptop, ease of use enhances accuracy, reduces the risk of complications, and enables more predictable outcomes for patients undergoing dental implant treatment.

View full Grammee scanner specifications here.

4.    Enhanced Patient Experience

The patient experience during dental implant procedures far exceeds expectations with this new scanning software. Patients benefit from shorter implant procedure times, reduced discomfort, and enhanced aesthetics in their final product.

How the Grammee Photogrammetry Scanner impacts the future of implant dentistry

Dental implant

Advancements in dental digital technology like the Grammee photogrammetry scanner set specialists who use this innovation apart from the pack. This cutting-edge digital technology offers more efficient and predictable tooth and full-arch prosthesis implant replacement solutions. Providing implant practitioners with heightened accuracy, streamlined workflow, and a cost-effective option for delivering optimal patient care, the Grammee takes 3D imaging of oral anatomy to the next level. The precision of implant placement will only continue to improve as technology in this field reaches new heights.