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Discover how Infinia Dental Lab is leading the way in modern dentistry with the groundbreaking robotic system, Yomi. Explore the future of precision dental procedures in our latest blog.

In the ever-evolving landscape of the dental industry, a prominent innovation known as ‘Yomi’ has garnered significant attention. Yomi, a specialized robotic system designed for dental implant procedures, has sparked a transformation within the dental profession. In this blog, we will delve into the genesis of Yomi, its purpose and significance, and the revolutionary impact it has ushered into the dental industry.

The origin of Yomi

The robotic system, Yomi was developed by Neocis Inc. It is the first and only FDA-cleared robotic device and it is used for the purposes of dental surgeries, specifically dental implant procedures. The system provides assistance to the dentist by offering real-time, 3D visualizations of the patient’s anatomy and the planned surgical approach. Yomi provides physical guidance during the actual procedure which helps to ensure that the dentist’s movements align with the surgical plan. In time, Yomi is suggested to reshape the future of implant procedures, making way for robotic systems alike. 

The advantages of Yomi

Dentists are increasingly turning to robotic systems like Yomi to enhance the precision and efficacy of dental implant procedures. Yomi’s advanced technology empowers dentists by providing real-time guidance during the implant placement process. With its intricate algorithms and precise tracking capabilities, Yomi ensures that implants are positioned with unparalleled accuracy. This not only streamlines the surgical procedure but also minimizes the margin for error, resulting in more predictable and successful outcomes. 

  • Safety: Yomi leverages haptic guidance, delivering vital tactic cues to the oral surgeon for precise control of instrument angulation and positioning. This system meticulously monitors and synchronizes with the patient’s movements, thereby preserving the planned trajectory and mitigating potential risks. Furthermore, Yomi implements an automatic hard stop mechanism upon reaching the designated depth in the jawbone, thereby effectively mitigating the possibility of inadvertent injury. 
  • Accuracy: In contrast to the conventional free-hand technique, which offers limited flexibility for mid-procedure adjustments, Yomi affords a heightened level of customization, resulting in a more adaptable surgical experience. Yomi also incorporates real-time visual guidance, affording surgeons a comprehensive view of the procedure on a dedicated monitor. This visual guidance, complemented by its haptic feedback system, facilitates a minimally invasive approach, enhancing the overall comfort and assurance for both medical practitioners and patients alike. 
  • Efficiency: The revolutionized technology that is Yomi empowers your healthcare provider to meticulously strategize each phase of your procedure. Consequently, the implant is positioned with pinpoint accuracy, utilizing a minimally invasive method rather than the conventional approach that requires a multitude of other steps. 

Another monumental benefit of Yomi also includes its ability to perform surgeries at a rate that the freehand technique is unable to do. A clinical study reported, “…on full mouth dental implants showed Yomi surgeons completed one arch in 90 minutes and both arches in 2.5 hours.” 

By harnessing the capabilities of Yomi, dentists can elevate the quality of implant procedures, ultimately leading to improved patient experiences and long-term oral health benefits.

How does Yomi operate?

In light of its recent emergence in the dental field, an introductory overview of Yomi’s technology is imperative. Allow us to provide a brief overview of Yomi’s capabilities

Digital Planning: The process begins with a patient’s CT scan, which serves as the foundation for digitally mapping out bone reduction and implant placement.

Real-time Feedback: Yomi’s guide arm offers haptic feedback during the procedure to ensure the burr stays within the pre-planned resection boundaries, enhancing precision.

Dynamic Adaptability: Unlike static guides, robot-assisted bone reduction allows clinicians to maintain the flexibility to visualize, irrigate, and palpate the surgical site and make intraoperative adjustments without compromising accuracy. 

Optimal Ridge Formation: The combination of comprehensive virtual planning and robotic guidance aims to achieve a smooth, level ridge, a crucial factor for achieving predictable and durable restorative results. 

Infinia Dental Lab; Yomi

At Infinia Dental Lab, we are dedicated to providing exceptional restorations and optimizing the patient experience for dentist labs. Through a combination of advanced technology, expertise, and a commitment to excellence, we uphold a set of core principles that guide our work.

We strive to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in dental technology. We understand the demands on dental practices to keep current training on new systems and upgrading office equipment all while trying to run your practice. Through chairside assistance and individualized training options, we will guide you through the latest technology to not only save your practice time and money but to offer your patients a faster more comfortable experience with superb, lasting results. 

Given our steadfast commitment to addressing the needs of healthcare professionals and our own organization, we recognized the necessity of investigating Yomi upon its introduction to the industry. This technology has proven to be compelling considering the range of benefits which include:

  • Facilitation of same-day surgeries 
  • Implementation of minimally invasive techniques 
  • Compatibility with standard drill kits
  • Intra-operative adaptability 
  • Enhanced visibility and uninterrupted irrigation
  • Comprehensive multi-sensory feedback

The global medical community has unequivocally benefited from the profound advantages presented by this technology. This is why we currently offer treatment planning with Yomi. 

The future of dentistry 

As the world around us evolves, so will the world of dentistry. Yomi stands as a pioneering technological advancement, already establishing its prowess in ensuring safe and efficient surgical procedures. Infinia Dental is committed to both the ongoing utilization and adaptation to the latest applications that prioritize the well-being of both patients and dental practitioners. Be sure to contact us with any inquiries, we are dedicated to providing exceptional restorations and optimizing the patient experience for dentist labs.