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All on X Products

If your patient is missing multiple teeth or has significant dental issues, the All on X dental implant procedure may be a solution worth considering. The benefits of this innovative dental restoration technique includes improved aesthetics, enhanced functionality, and a more natural-looking smile.

Infinia is a technologically advanced lab that handles more than 720 All on X cases per year. We use the latest in digital dentistry technology to help your practice offer your patients the highest quality implant presthetic with focus on reducing breakage, proper fit, state of the art aesthetics, functionality of occlusion (biting and chewing) and phonetics.

All on X Packages

Our “Stackable Guide” is integral to the All-on-X procedure, enabling accurate bone reduction, acting as an osteotomy guide, and underpinning temporary prosthetics. We offer a comprehensive service package to streamline the entire process. This includes PMMA temporaries, a conversion kit, 3D printed models, an immediate denture, and a fully reviewed treatment plan. After implant osseointegration, we facilitate the scanning and impression-taking process with a PMMA try-in prototype. The standard offering incorporates a final hybrid zirconia prosthesis, with other material options available on request. To protect the prosthesis and support oral health, a night guard is provided. Lastly, we offer a specialized service for post-surgery record acquisition, where we personally handle the scanning and impression taking, ensuring precise and hassle-free results.
Our “Freehand” service provides a traditional approach to the All-on-X procedure without the use of a surgical guide. Despite the absence of a guide, we maintain the same comprehensive service as offered with our other methods. The package includes 3D printed models, a conversion of the immediate denture performed traditionally, a thoroughly reviewed treatment plan, and a PMMA try-in prototype following the osseointegration of the implants. By default, we provide a final hybrid zirconia prosthesis, with alternatives available upon request. Additionally, a night guard is included, and we personally undertake the scanning and impression-taking post-surgery, ensuring precision and ease for you.
Basic DGX
Our “Basic DGX” service offers a complete digital workflow for the All-on-X procedure, utilizing advanced technologies to enhance predictability and aesthetics. It involves face scans for improved aesthetics, Photogrammetry or ScanDar techniques for precise implant positioning, and intraoral scanning (IOS) to record new tissue formation. The immediate load temporaries are 3D printed, eliminating the need for PMMA or immediate denture conversion.
The term “Basic” indicates that the doctor possesses the necessary scanning equipment and 3D printer, negating the need for our chairside services. The package includes implant treatment planning, treatment plan review, the InstaRisa Fee, a diagnostic digital wax-up, and a default final hybrid zirconia prosthesis (with alternative material options available). To safeguard oral health, a night guard is also provided.
On the day of surgery, we efficiently design the temporaries and promptly deliver the designs to you once the scans are received. While the Basic DGX service does not include an implant surgical guide, we highly recommend using Yomi or Xnav systems for optimal results. These systems can further enhance precision during the procedure.
Full DGX
Our “Full DGX” service provides a comprehensive digital workflow solution for the All-on-X procedure, utilizing advanced technology and high-quality materials. Please note that DGX does not include a surgical guide, and the procedure is performed freehand, although we highly recommend incorporating Yomi or xnav systems for enhanced precision.
With Full DGX, we ensure efficient and timely delivery of 3D printed PMMA temporaries within 48 hours. Local clients also have the option for same-day delivery, with additional charges. This expedited delivery process ensures a seamless and prompt treatment experience.
Our service includes the provision of immediate dentures and PMMA prototypes, prioritizing patient comfort and satisfaction. Alongside this, we offer comprehensive implant treatment planning, a thorough treatment plan review, the InstaRisa Fee, a diagnostic digital wax-up, and the default provision of a final hybrid zirconia prosthesis (alternative materials available upon request).
Basic DGX Stackable
In our “Basic DGX/Stackable” service, we combine the benefits of the Basic DGX package with the inclusion of a stackable guide. This comprehensive service utilizes advanced technologies for predictability and aesthetics in the All-on-X procedure. It includes face scans, Photogrammetry or ScanDar techniques, intraoral scanning (IOS), and the stackable guide for accurate bone reduction and implant placement. Additionally, the dentist will 3D print immediate dentures and immediate loaded temporaries if needed. The package also comprises implant treatment planning, treatment plan review, a diagnostic digital wax-up, a default final hybrid zirconia prosthesis (alternative materials available), and a night guard for oral health. This integrated approach ensures a successful All-on-X procedure with enhanced precision and optimal outcomes.

Final Prosthetic Material

Zirconia with Ti-base


  • Requires minimum space. 12mm~15mm
  • High Strength & Esthetic
  • No delamination or breakage
  • Hygiene


  • Tibase detachment
  • May wear opposing
  • Clicking Noise
  • Weight is too Heavy
  • Has no shock absorption for implant
Copy Mill Pekkton Substructure With Your choice OfAll Ceramic Individual Crowns


  • Shock Absorbing
  • Tasteless
  • No Thermal Or electrical Conductivity
  • Stress Distribution
  • Most Esthetic out of all types of AOX
  • Metal Free


  • Individual teeth may fracture off
Nano-Ceramic with Trilor bar


  • Will not wear out the opposing
  • No clicking noise compared to double arch zirconia
  • Teeth do not break off like the Fixed Hybrid Bar Denture
  • When the teeth wear it is convenient to replace the nanoceramic prosthesis portion
  • Protects Implants
  • Can be repaired chairside
  • Flexible
  • Esthetic


  • Will wear out but it is a planned failure approach

Digital All on X Workflow

Only 4 appointments needed

Our All on X Technology

At Infinia, we understand that time is of the essence for our clients. That’s why we’ve invested in the latest technology and workflows to ensure that our products are not only of the highest quality but also save chair time for dentists, reducing the number of appointments required for patients. Our streamlined process also solves quality issues including fit, breakage, aesthetics, functionality, occlusion and phonetics. Trust us to provide the best treatment options products in the market.


Facial scans helps with aesthetics and tooth alignment

Micron Mapper


Photogrammetry results in a more accurate fit than traditional methods

Kois Center Certified

Kois Certified

Kois Certification helps with functionality



ModJaw helps with functionality, occlusion and phonetics


Treatment Planning 

Treatment planning software helps reduce breakage